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A New Name

a new name

Dynamesh Inc. Rebrands Itself as NBC Meshtec Americas Inc.

New Name Better Reflects Integration with Parent Company, NBC Meshtec Inc. of Japan


BATAVIA, IL - June 29th, 2017: Today, Dynamesh Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s NBC Meshtec Inc., announced that effective June 30th, 2017, it will change its name to NBC Meshtec Americas Inc. The goal of this rebranding, after 27 years of doing business under the “Dynamesh” banner is to better reflect the company’s close integration with parent company NBC Meshtec Inc. of Japan. Concurrent with this change, Mitsuhiro Shinoda of NBC Japan will be taking over as President of NBC Meshtec Americas, inheriting the role that Shinya Yamasaki, the existing president, has filled for over 5 years.

Dynamesh Inc. was established in 1990 as the sole U.S. distributor of NBC mesh, and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC Meshtec Inc. in 2001. Although the Dynamesh brand is well established and recognized within the U.S. screen printing industry as the sole distributor of NBC mesh, in other markets such as the filtration mesh and molded filter industry, or in the international screen printing arena, the NBC Meshtec brand is more well known. It is hoped that this rebranding will help establish a unified corporate identity for these two international companies and increase the brand awareness of NBC Meshtec products within the United States.

Regarding his impending return to Japan, where he will reassume his previous position as Sales Manager of the NBC Meshtec Inc. Screen Printing Applications Department, Mr. Yamasaki had this to say to Dynamesh’s customers: “I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your generous support, kindness and the courtesy you have extended to me and Dynamesh.”

Mr. Yamasaki’s successor, Mitsuhiro “Mitch” Shinoda, previously worked in the R&D and Screen Printing Laboratory of NBC Japan, before being promoted to the Screen Printing Applications Sales Department, where he contributed to the extensive growth in both the domestic Japanese and overseas markets over the last 5 years. Mr. Yamasaki expressed his confidence in Mr. Shinoda, saying “I am very confident that he will work hard with our talented employees, and that our customers will continue to be delighted by our top-quality products and dedicated service.”

For existing Dynamesh customers, there will be no change in pricing or the assignment of their technical sales or customer service representatives. Payment will, however, need to be remitted to NBC Meshtec Americas Inc. effective immediately, but a grace period extending until July 31st, 2017 will be in effect.

About NBC Meshtec Americas Inc.: Dynamesh Inc. was established in 1990 to be a one-stop-shop for all screen printing pre-press needs, starting with the most advanced screen printing meshes manufactured by our parent company, NBC Meshtec Inc. In 2001, 100% ownership was assumed by NBC, creating an American company experienced with the North American market and supported by a global leader in mesh technology with a worldwide presence.

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