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Screen Printed Flexible Circuit

High-end mesh for your high-end applications

We’re proud of our reputation within the high-end industrial and electronic industry as a top tier producer and distributor of the highest quality screen printing mesh. This reputation was built thread-by-thread, by our commitment to rigorous quality control, and our insistence that all of our partners share the same values.

Explore how our and our partners’ high-end polyester mesh, and state-of-the-art metal mesh can help you achieve new heights of accuracy, consistency and precision in your industrial and electronic screen printing applications.

High quality custom imaged screens

The screen is the heart and soul of the screen printing process. Let us help you select the correct screen for your specific application. Explore the various types of finished screens that we offer below, or contact our customer service or your Technical Sales Representative for more personalized help.

Solar Screens

Solar Industry

Few industries are as closely tied to the future of mankind as the solar industry. We’re proud to support this innovative and exciting industry with high quality imaged screens that not only meet, but exceed the specifications demanded by high-end solar printers.

We know that solar printing calls for the finest of lines, sometimes as low as 30µm, with a consistency of ±3µm. We know that dimensional accuracy is crucial to a functioning solar cell, and we can provide it within ±10 - 25µm. And we understand the specific demands of high solids pastes used in the industry. We’re more than prepared to meet those demands with with large opening technical meshes and the ability to create trampoline or combination screens for the highest resolution.

Medical Screens

Medical Industry

More than many, the medical industry has a direct connection to our health and well-being. As a result, we’re proud to support this important industry with high quality imaged screens that more than meet the specifications demanded by medical printing applications.

For example, we understand the importance of rock solid dimensional accuracy in printing medical sensors. We have a range of options to fulfill that need, including V-Screen Next, which offers consistent dimensional accuracy, even over long runs, with tensile strength superior to standard stainless steel mesh.

Electronic Screens

Electronic Industry

We live in the Information Age, powered by electronics. They do more than inform and entertain, however. They enrich, and even save, our lives. We’re excited to support the progress and innovation of the printed electronics industry with our high quality imaged screens.

There are countless electronics applications enabled through screen print technology. We have experience in many of the most cutting edge fields, including touchscreen masks, with their sub-3µm laydown requirements, and flexible batteries that demand highly solvent resistant emulsion. Many other high-end applications, such as flexible electronics, AEM high resolution fuses, ceramic capacitors, and LED light bulbs demand fine line widths, consistent deposit thickness, dimensional accuracy, and dependable tension. We are well equipped to deliver all these specifications and more.

Automotive Screens

Automotive Industry

You create the components that make up the vehicles that move the world. We’re proud to support the automotive industry with our high quality imaged screens.

From the thin, consistent laydown required for dashboard dials and other indicators, to the thick coating that automotive gasket applications require, we offer the imaged screen solutions that this industry demands.

R&D Screens


You’re developing what’s next. We’re here now to support your research with our high quality imaged screens.

With a range of innovative materials, we are prepared to meet nearly any specification your research demands. And, while we have the capacity to support production levels of output, we also have the ability to create one-off, individual screens you need to test new processes and applications. Consider us your partner in innovation.

Take a look at how our high quality imaged screens can meet your specific application’s requirements!

A complete prepress solution

At NBC Meshtec Americas we work hard to select only the highest quality screen printing chemicals to sell alongside our top quality mesh. The following are a few products we recommend specifically for the industrial and electronic printing industry. Click below to find out more about them, or browse our chemistry products for more options.


These emulsions from our partners are designed for industrial applications.

Screen Chemicals

While sometimes overlooked, the importance of a solid degreaser or mesh prep chemical can’t be overstated. In particular, the chemicals featured below are especially suited for use with high-end industrial emulsions.

Take your process to the next level

Every aspect of an industrial or electronic printing process must be high quality and up to spec. This is especially true of the supplies and equipment used to make your screen. The following are some products and equipment that we especially recommend for industrial and electronic applications. Click below to find out more about them, or browse our supplies and equipment section for more options.


These quality squeegees from our partners are ideal for the textile market.

Quality Control

The importance of quality control in a high end field like industrial and electronic printing can hardly be overstated. We especially recommend the following QC equipment for the industrial printers, but please browse our quality control equipment for more options.