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Why is the choice of adhesive so important?

Adhesive is literally what holds a screen together. So appropriate adhesive selection is incredibly important to the screen making process. Let us help you select the correct adhesive for your specific application and needs. Explore the various lines of adhesive products that we offer below, or contact our customer service or your Technical Sales Representative for more personalized help.

What kind of adhesives are there?

Instant Adhesives

Instant adhesives, usually cyanoacrylate (Super Glue® being a famous example), set and cure very quickly. They are most often used within the screen printing industry to bond mesh to frames during the stretching process.

Two-Part Adhesives

Two-part adhesives, otherwise known as epoxy adhesives, are often stronger than instant adhesives, and are used to bond more difficult materials. They harden when mixed with a second component, or “activator,” which causes a chemical reaction. They tend to reach full strength only after curing. While they require more time to set than instant adhesives, two-part adhesives are generally easier to clean up, and for that reason, are preferred by some in the screen printing industry.